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Production Secretary’s responsibilities

Initial draft for discussion and amendment submitted by Brian Smith July 2017

Amended version  approved by the NPLT committee July 2017

The production secretary generally is responsible for budgeting, scheduling work,  coordinating the various production departments and not least of all assisting the Director. The position of production secretary will be appointed by the committee in consultation with the director and the Artistic Director

The production secretary is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the production are completed within budget, to accommodate, as far as practical, designer’s and director’s wishes and all in time for the first public performance. He or she oversees the cost effectiveness and planning of the entire production process.

The Production Secretary will have direct access to the NPLT committee. A committee member may be assigned to the production to provide the society’s oversight and to be of assistance to the secretary. This appointee will be the Production Manager


Responsibilities may include some or all of the following:

  • Maintaining a contact list of all personnel associated with the production. (Phone, email, txt, address).
  • Ensure that all production personnel are kept informed of all changes to the rehearsal/production schedules
  • Forming a production team
  • Scheduling rehearsals and production meetings
  • Taking notes and giving assistance to the director as required.
  • Production Manager/Secretary:- Financial accounting and monitoring of the show’s expenses
  • Ensure that all production personnel are financial members
  • Acts as the liaison between the Director and the Artistic Director/Committee as required.
  • Act as liaison between publicity and the director.
  • Open the rehearsal venue prior to the rehearsal, ensuring that all exits are clear as per applicable OSH requirements
  • Secure rehearsal venue including all exits, Power/lighting and set alarm system if required at the conclusion of the rehearsal.

The Production Secretary’s single most important responsibility is the development of a highly motivated and collaborative production team, which includes all those in charge of the various areas of the production such as set design, lighting design, sound design, costume design, musical director, publicist, choreographer, technical director, stage manager, etc.

It’s a good idea to be familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the other key players in mounting a production. So be sure to view the other job descriptions of your team.