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Artistic Director

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An artistic director is the appointed executive of an arts organization, particularly in a theatre company, who handles the organization’s artistic direction. They are generally a director. Artistic directors are frequently regarded as the artistic representatives of theatre companies.


The artistic director will be appointed by the theatre’s committee.  The artistic director shall report to the executive/ committee of the society.

The artistic director is the individual with the artistic control of the theatre’s production choices, directorial choices, performance scheduling. Selects shows to present to the Committee for their input and vote on for the upcoming season. Has ultimate oversight over shows and works with the individual directors as needed.

The artistic director may also interact with other similar organizations on the theatre’s behalf

The artistic director’s responsibilities include but are not limited to choosing the material staged in a season, the appointment of creative/production personnel (such as directors), and other theatre production tasks. He or she may also direct productions for the company. The artistic director will work closely with the management of the theatre and contribute the artistic evaluation of projects and productions to be included in promotional, funding, and press materials. The artistic director also functions as a resource for the directors who are working to mount productions at the theatre and should provide support, counsel, and/or artistic input where requested. The artistic director may be called to assume the production should the director become unable to complete his/her duties

The artistic director is responsible for recruiting performers to act as a talent pool for the company’s productions. This ensemble may include actors and artists of various disciplines. The artistic director functions as leader of this group, with the aim to create and/or realize various new and established works.

The artistic director may only make decisions about the art. Decisions relating to administration, business issues, finances, fundraising, board relations, donor relations, publicity, and marketing are the responsibility of the Theatre’s management committee.