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Auditions for Hilda’s Yard

Open Auditions will be held at 10.30am on Sunday 24th March 2024 (other times available on request).
You will be asked to read at least two excerpts from the listed pieces that will be sent with script. You are not expected to memorize the pieces, but please be familiar with them. A monologue or specific piece for each character will also be provided. Please choose one to read, however this will not limit the roles you will be considered for, if you are interested in multiple roles. All auditionees will be notified of the outcome of the audition via phone or email by 9pm on Wednesday March 27th.
Rehearsals will commence the week of 22nd April. Director’s preference is Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays but this is not set in concrete, and days and times can be negotiated with cast. Playing dates: 9-20 July 2024.

For a copy of the script and the audition pieces: CONTACT: Sharren Read, Director
EMAIL: [email protected]
PHONE: 027 255 4124

It’s 1962, and the Flucks are relishing their freedom now that their 30-something children have finally left the nest. Suddenly their son flings himself over the garden fence on the run from the mob, followed by his sister who has just left her husband. As Hilda’s yard fills with unexpected guests, the stakes and the laughs grow in this heartwarming family comedy.
The generation gap between the parents and the children is large and what may seem like far out ideas to the parents are reasonable to the new generation. The contrast between generations and the difficulties in seeing a situation in someone else’s shoes, especially when your values are set in stone is a major theme in the play. Hilda’s Yard is chock-full of Foster’s well- known humour, even as it delves into the depths of the serious issues of Gary’s post-traumatic stress disorder and Janey’s spousal abuse. The contradictions inherent in the quirky characters lead to many comedic moments. In the end, despite the challenges of the day ties of love, family, and friendship prevail and we come to understand that family dynamics really have not changed much over the decades.

HILDA FLUCK: approx mid 50s – Appears to be naïve and vulnerable but has a great maternal strength about her and really is the glue that holds the family together.
SAM FLUCK: approx mid 50s – Hilda’s husband. The family breadwinner, works at a paper products manufacturing plant. Feels unappreciated by his employer. Excited to finally become an empty-nester.
GARY FLUCK: approx early 30s – Son, WW2 veteran who lived with parents until recently. Affected by war, making poor choices, relies on parents, lost!
JANEY FLUCK: approx early 30s – Daughter, married, comes across as spoiled “Daddy’s girl”, but her true self is much deeper.
BOBBI JAKES: Female, approx early 30s – Gary’s love interest, musician, a firecracker, hip and free-spirited…think 1960s bohemian/hippy.
BEVERLY WOYTOWICH: Male, around 40 – A nefarious gangster-type. Gary owes an outstanding gambling debt and Bev shows up there to collect it! Very intelligent and well spoken for a thug.


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